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We are offering you with a convenient, easy to use, relevant school management system. The system will help in the management of school and easy flow learning material, reports, student/lecturers’ data and more!

We aim to perfection, We are flexible for system customization! DBEST IT Systems!


Students/ Lecturers/ Admin/ Parents Accounts

Unlimited accounts for students, lecturers, administrators and parents. Each student account is linked to the student’s lecturers and the parent.All school accounts are managed through specified admin accounts. Each student account is allocated a minimum of 200MB for learning material storage.

Personal, Class & School Agenda

Never miss a test, class activity or any school event. The system allows the admin to add school events in the back-end which appear in all other school accounts. In the personal agenda the user is able to add their own reminders/events which are only visible to them and no one else. In the class agenda lecturers are able to set dates for class exercises, mock-up tests and exams

Unlimited Learning Material Storage

We offer you unlimited disk storage space meaning leacturers can upload unlimited content to students forever! Absolute Zero Crash Risk as our system servers are monitored 24/7 by our team of professionals.

Transport Management

Manage School Transport on the system. This feature is convenient to know which buses or school vehicles are available for transporting staff/students with wasting too much time calling drivers. If the school offers transport as a prepaid subscription service, this feature is available as part of our customization package.

Student Perfomance Reports

Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Termly results are all posted in the students accounts by their respective lecturers. Parents can view their child’s perfomance results through their account which will be linked to their child’s account. The system creates an automated perfomance graphy which averages class results so as student knows how well they are doing in class compared to others, we believe this brings in some positive motivation in a student’s mind. Reports can be printed out as A4 from the student’s, lecturer’s or parent’s account.

Fees Management

Manage fees, its allocation, concession & cancellation and print receipts. Create multiple accounts and track account transactions.

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